Flexibil Company

Flexibil is a manufacturer of parts and systems for vibration-control and noise isolation solutions; these are engineered using vulcanized rubber-metal technology. Flexibil solutions are used in various industries. The Flexibil products are marked with the “Flexibil”® word or with the “FLX” letters; both of these markings stand for high quality products.

Flexibil has reached a leading position among the European producers of vulcanized rubber-metal products, with special applications. This is the result of advanced technological knowledge gained through research, internal development and purchases of new equipments.

The Flexibil team is able to satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of clients, in various fields of activity such as: the railway industry, construction machinery, special vehicles, wind turbines, marine industry, general engineering applications, etc.

Flexibil mission

The mission of the Flexibil staff is to continue to grow in their role as global providers of rubber-metal solutions for vibration control and noise isolation, having as an end goal complete customer, employee and shareholder satisfaction. All processes involved are developed in full compliance with the European requirements for environmental and occupational safety.

The benefits of collaborating with Flexibil

Given its extensive know-how and all „in house” production capability, Flexibil offers its clients the following benefits:

  • direct control over the entire production process flow
  • high quality products
  • constant quality
  • short-term delivery (between 5 – 6 weeks)
  • flexibility and high adaptability to clients’ requests
  • customized solutions for special applications

Please contact the Flexibil sales/client service team who will assist you in choosing the desired product. They will also help you optimize the solutions you are currently using. Or, design a customized solution, according to your specific requirements.