Rubber compounds

The compounds are mixtures of polymers with carbon black, oils, anti-ageing agents and vulcanizing agents. The percentage and type of polymers and components varies from compound to compound in relation to the desired processing characteristics needed and the properties that the finished product must have (physical characteristics, mechanical characteristics, electrical yield, etc.).

The Rubber mixture department focuses on the study of rubber behavior and on the improvement of its performances:
– in extreme mechanical stress conditions
– at exposure to abrasion
– at wide fluctuations in temperature
– in different environments: UV radiation, ozone, salts, oils, etc

The collaboration with prestigious clients offered Flexibil the necessary experience to develop a wide range of mixtures, of natural and synthetic rubber, capable to perform in highly demanding applications.

All the rubber mixtures are checked by computer-controlled systems and each batch of rubber is examined and tested prior to being assigned for the vulcanization production line.

Flexibil products and processes are constantly being revised in order to optimize the consumption of materials, to upgrade the manufacturing technologies, to reduce product parameters variations, to improve the operating performance of products, as well as for a continuous compliance to the EU environmental legislation.