With an extensive experience in rubber-metal production and an innovative approach, combined with continued investment in research and development, Flexibil is able to provide vibration control solutions for a wide range of applications.

Once the design is concluded, Flexibil has its own technical equipment required for fast prototyping and dynamic testing of the product. Thus, the offered solution can be examined and improved so as to meet all the specific requirements of the client.

In addition to the new products they develop, Flexibil experts are engaged in the improvement of operating performances of existing products.
They are also involved in the improvement of manufacturing technologies in order to reduce product quality variation and to optimize the consumption of materials.

The Flexibil company management is thankful to all clients for their good cooperation over time, and for their demanding requests. These lead to the increase of the business know-how and to the outfitting with modern machinery specific to the anti-vibration field.