Flexibil activity

The Flexibil company staff consists of professionals who work as a team and who carry out their activity in various fields such as:

  • rubber-metal product design
  • mold and metal components manufacture
  • zinc coating of metal components
  • priming metal components for vulcanization
  • rubber mixtures development and production
  • vulcanizing rubber-metal products
  • rubber-metal product testing

The entire team conduct all their activity based on quality and client orientation.

Flexibil principles

  • Continuous education and professional training are natural processes at Flexibil.
  • Flexibil employees evaluate, review and constantly improve their products and production processes.
  • The main concerns of each employee are the clients and their quality requirements.
  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of their work and is concerned to prevent errors, not to correct them.
  • Flexibil employees will not, under any circumstances, produce defective products, and if, by error, flaws should occur, the products will not reach the client.
  • Staff activities are focused on achieving the best possible financial results, since the reinvesting of profits in development is key for the survival of the company.
  • Safety matters, occupational health and the environment represent a central concern of the company management.

All the production departments at Flexibil are certified according to the quality standard EN ISO 9001:2008

Flexibil works with equipment that allows the monitoring and control of production parameters throughout the production flow. Furthermore, the continuous reinvesting of profit in the aquisition of the latest generation of equipment is a constant practice in the company’s investment policy.