Special products

Anti-vibration components are products that are generally made of rubber – metal and that create the elastic connection between rigid objects, cushioning relative motion while reducing vibration and noise transmission.

They are used in various fields such as the railway industry, construction machinery, special vehicles, wind turbines, marine industry, general engineering applications, etc.

The range of anti-vibration components includes the following: bushes, spherical-bearings, buffers, cabin mounts, shock absorbers, engine mounts, suspensions, springs, couplings, etc.

The benefits of collaborating with Flexibil

Due to its extensive know-how and the fact that it produces everything „in house”, Flexibil offers its clients the following benefits:

  • direct control over the entire production process flow
  • high quality products
  • constant quality
  • short-term delivery (between 5 – 6 weeks)
  • flexibility and high adaptability to clients’ requests
  • customized solutions for special applications