The production of rubber articles started as a family business, during communism, over 35 years ago. Since then, the company has been producing rubber parts continuously, all along adapting to the new changes in the Romanian society on its way to the market economy and then successfully tackling new challenges in its role as player on the global market.

The following are significant moments in the history of the company:

  • 1974

    Workshop establishment

    Under the coordination of the Mogoşa crafts cooperative of Baia Mare, a 30 sqm vulcanized pressed rubber products workshop is established at the Borota family home.

  • 1992

    Establishment of Flexibil SRL

    With the fall of communism, Flexibil Ltd. is founded and takes over the existing workshop. The new company is a family business, with 250 sqm operating area; the company introduces the production of vulcanized rubber-metal parts.

  • 1994

    Establishment of design and production department

    The company establishes a department of design and production of molds and metal components for rubber and vulcanized rubber-metal parts.

  • 1998

    Change of head office

    Flexibil company changes its head office, to its present location, in Săsar (a village near Baia Mare) where it purchases a 500 sqm production plant. The company staff reaches 30 employees.

  • 2000

    Organize of research - development department

    A new department is organized for the research, development and production of rubber mixtures for various applications required by clients.

  • 2001

    Start export

    Flexibil implements and certifies the Quality Management System ISO 9000-1994.
    This is the year when the first products are exported to countries in Western Europe.

  • 2012

    Establishment of Flexibil Schwingungstechik GmbH

    Flexibil owns a 4400 sqm production plant, with modern, flexible and efficient production facilities, which render consistency in quality.
    The company now works with a team of over 70 people who specialize in different fields: metal processing, rubber mixtures, vulcanization, research and development, etc.

At Flexibil the entire staff is committed to the continued development of the company, in order to serve customers, suppliers, personnel and society with excellence. This continued development is accomplished by seizing advanced knowledge, through research, and by purchasing the latest equipment for the production system.