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Marketing area

In 2001, Flexibil began to export products to countries in Europe and today, over 92% of its production is delivered on the following markets: Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria.






Fields of use

Flexibil products have various industrial applications, particularly in niche areas of parts with special applications. Manufactured in small and medium batches (hundreds and thousands of items), these can be used by original equipment manufacturers or as spare parts.

The main fields of use for the Flexibil solutions are:

       - the railway industry,
       - general industrial applications,
       - construction machinery,

       - special vehicles,

       - wind turbines,

       - the marine industry, etc.


company market

The Flexibil company management would like to thank all their customers for their partnership and cooperation, and is looking forward to new innovative projects!


Special products

Innovative and customized solutions

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